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Our journey in Sweden takes us to forest and field. River and lake. Mountain and valley. City and castle. And halls of ice…from the major sites and attractions to destinations locals wants to keep to themselves. And everywhere there are stories waiting to be told. Thorbjörn is an ace Elk tracker who always finds his  quarry. Rickard is a trail rider who has found his way back to the wilds of the North. Monica is a biologist who has found her passion in organic food. Bo is a restaurateur bringing new life to an old castle.
They are some of the many faces behind our places. And they all share one thing: passion. For food. For nature. For tradition. For culture. They are extra-ordinary people who have carved out their own niches in the world. We watch on as their story unfolds. Often unexpected. Sometimes touching. Always entertaining. 
Faces & Places is not a traditional travel program where presenters go on holiday. It is not a travelogue following someone on his or her journey. It’s a story untold.
Faces & Places has brought together a highly talented international team in delivering a real quality product.  Just like the subjects of the films. They all share passion for their work. 
Faces & Places. Find your place in the world.