the concept

FACES & PLACES – Journeys in Europe is an exciting series that spans genres including travel and culture, lifestyle and entertainment, nature and history.

FACES: In each program we meet people from the region. The subjects talk straight to the audience, telling their story and the region’s. Their backstory provides the authenticity that makes the series appeal even to people from the country or region visited. We follow them in their lives.
PLACES: The program visits an area of Europe every week using a purely documentary style. This is the ‘Places’ of the title, concentrating on regions of countries to be explored. The photography will offer visually stunning material of cities and countryside; our team consists of award-winning documentary film-makers.
JOURNEYS IN EUROPE: These vignettes are woven together by the narrator in our Journey in Europe. The third-person narrator is ever-present but never intrusive.


RUNNING TIME: 25 minutes


INTRO: 30-second summary of program content.

VIGNETTES: Each episode is based on 6-8 Faces (interviews) & Places (locations of interest) in the region (24 minutes) woven together by narration.

OUTRO: 30-second conclusion by narrator.